Welcome to the vibe room!

Hello! This is my website! Pretty nice innit? Anyway you can explore some stuff and learn about me :D

just some stuff i like

About Me!(kinda)

Helloooo! My name's lem0n-dem0n, and I created this website! I just started coding on Neocities, so I might be a bit late on updates, but I promise that I'll try to keep up! As you might have read over on the list above, I like drawing! I have sooo many sketchbooks already! :) I also like writing, but I haven't finished any stories yet. Oh, yeah! I'm also really into weirdcore, so you might see some of those aspects in my websites! I take liminal space photos, and I plan to add an area to showcase some of them. Some other aesthetics I like are dreamcore, nostaligacore, traumacore, and poolcore (ya'know, the pictures made by Jared Pike?) And, also, I go by any pronouns! I really don't mind. I think that's all I have to say right about now. ᓭᒷᒷ ||ᔑ!

my spotify playlist ( don't know why I put this here.)

That's all I have to say, bye bye!

for now >:D